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Instructor...teacher... we like to think of ourselves as guides. Whether you are moving on your mat, meditating your way to zen, co-working amongst creatives, or attending one of our specially curated events we are here to guide you.

Bre Williamson

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Bre is a guide of many talents, from teaching yoga and meditation, to making and photographing delicious meals, she embodies the path of yoga as life. She seeks to help you uncover the practice of yoga both on and off the mat. Inherently a realist, she approaches her classes and students in a realistic way. With a focus on Buddhist meditation techniques, she brings a unique spin to meditation and savasana. You will leave her classes feeling as though you have learned something you didn't know and with a sense of deep relaxation.

Rachel Gillette

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Rachel is a guide with a strong interest in anatomical alignment and wellbeing. Whether she is leading a yoga class or crafting a soothing muscle rub, she embodies the creative pursuits of yoga. She approaches every class with a mindful focus. You will leave her classes feeling the truest sense of balance. 

Lauren Williams

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Lauren is a guide who is deeply devoted to the practice of movement medicine. Whether she is on the ice skating, painting, or writing the principles of yoga flow throughout her daily life. Lauren has a deep appreciation for alignment principles, loves discussing yogic philosophy, energy, and strongly believes in cultivating an intentional yoga practice. All of Lauren's musical playlists are curated to provide you with amazing background music as she guides you on an inward journey. You will leave Lauren's class feeling more energetically connected. 

Brandon Gugala

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Erica Treais Holm

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Erica is a guide with a passion for exploring how bodies move on and off the mat. She appreciates all forms of movement whether it's riding a bike, practicing yoga, or running around barefoot with her camera in hand. She approaches her classes with a devotion to alignment but offers students room to explore their depths through playfulness and self-study. Her liveliness and humor will leave you feeling empowered and ready to learn more. 

Casey Miller

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Casey is a guide who offers a chance to feel the beauty of physical experience, of sheer existence through the practice of yoga. To her coming to practice is about unearthing (and celebrating!) the power, wisdom, and joy of our collective consciousness. She provides a space to move intuitively and settle upon the support of the earth (and lots of props) so that you can rest well and navigate your inner universe.

Megan sajewski

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Megan is a guide who holds trust, respect, and belonging at her core. In each of Megan's classes, you'll find balance between serenity and strength. Megan's personal life centers on her dog, painting, and poetry. Through her palpable joy and gentleness, Megan invites you to connect with your primal state of wholeness. Post-class, you'll feel refreshed, nourished, and aligned. 

Sha'darian Corona-green

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Sha'Darian is a guide who devotes her passions of wellness in yoga to spirituality, alignment, and intention. As a visual artist (drawing, illustration, photography) and yoga guide, she finds it important to invite the presence of the Creator in all things. Along with alignment and spiritual intention, Sha'Darian focuses on breath before movement and rest before exhaustion, which will allow you to leave her class feeling more energetically reunited to both yourself and the environment. Expect to laugh, connect, and revitalize by not only drawing inward but through engaging in a sense of togetherness.



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