Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2020!

With a New Year comes a new opportunity to start fresh! And that is exactly what we will be doing at The Collective.

Did you know that in 2019 Detroit was named the #1 Most Stressed Out City in America?!

Not only that, it was the second year in a row that Detroit has claimed that title! I think that Detroit has had enough stress and it is time to bring this city from surviving to thriving. You hard hustling Detroiters deserve some space and some rest!

This year we will bring a strong focus into restful and restorative practices. Get ready for some deep relaxation and a strong focus on meditation! You may begin to notice we have let go of some Vinyasa style classes. We feel like there is more than enough Vinyasa going on in Detroit and we want to focus on what we do best and what you our community ask for more and more! We want to be the place you go to truly relax and find ease from your daily stresses. Going forward you will begin to see more yin, restorative, slow flow, and even a few meditation opportunities popping up on the schedule!

Think of us as your daily retreat and while you are here we will help you discover elements of the yoga practice that can extend far beyond your mat!

Along with class changes, we will be introducing series based morning formats and bringing back our Industry Yoga class for all you retail and service pros! So stay tuned for dates on when those will be available!

Specifically, within this blog space you will find in-depth yoga info, studio themes and updates, as well as student and teacher features! We are looking forward to connecting with you and providing elements of The Collective whether you are here on your mat or spending time circling the globe!

We truly want to help you find a bit of ease this year. So please join us this year for a class or many classes.

If you have any questions about literally anything you can email me directly at info@thecollectiveattruenorth.com I read every email and will do my best to respond to you quickly.




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